Turn redundancy into an opportunity: 4 steps to career change success

Turn redundancy into an opportunity: 4 steps to career change success

As a seasoned HR Director and now the proud MD of Newleaf Limited, I am passionate about providing results focussed outplacement support.  Putting people through a process and pretending we have done our job is just not what we are about in Newleaf. Our results speak for themselves: With our help, 97% of employees displaced in a recent factory closure found their next career step in just 3 months.

When we analysed what makes our approach so successful, the following became clear:

Our approach is flexible to the needs of the individual’s we work with (i.e. it is NOT formulaic – even when we work with large groups)

  • We enable and empower our clients to drive their own success
  • We support and facilitate our clients through 4 distinct phases using strong coaching skills and domain expertise.

This is the first of a series of blogs where we will explore these phases in more detail. Let’s start with an overview.

Phase 1:  Stabilise – Positioning yourself for Positive Change

 There’s no denying that being made redundant is very stressful and can induce feelings of panic and anger.  Here we provide a confidential space to enable our clients to get their head round what can sometimes be a traumatic transition, even if it was their decision to leave.  It is essential to face this otherwise there is a real danger of people turning up for their next job interview full of baggage and offloading latent feelings of bitterness about their situation.  Understandable – but not what an interviewer wants to hear!

Phase 2:  Explore: So what do you really want to do?

 When I work with clients I ask them to take a leap of faith with me.  Their emotions tell them they should be out looking for each and every job possibility they can see and my experience guides them to stop right there and slow down.  It is vital that clients have a crystal clear view of their ideal role so they can channel their time efficiently and be front of the pack when it comes to the selection process.

Phase 3:  Secure: Techniques to find and secure your ideal next role.

 Anyone who has not been on the job market for the last 6 months is probably already out of touch with current recruitment methods.  We use people with real time recruitment expertise to ensure our clients have up to the minute understanding of how to find and secure a job in todays recruitment market.  This is a great example of ‘what got you here won’t get you there!’

Phase 4:  Perform: We don’t want to see you again for a while other than over a glass of champagne!

From my days as a senior leader in the HR world, I know that once a company makes a hiring decision they want it to work just as much as the new hire.  We work with our clients to put them in the driving seat to ensure those critical first 3 months really count.

I look forward to sharing more about this with you over the next few weeks.  Meanwhile If you think we may be able to help you or your Company, please call on 01347 879056 or e mail info@newleafsupport.co.uk for a call back with one of our team.



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