6 Reasons you should invest in supporting the staff you are making redundant

Susan Binnersley – Founding Director and Career Coach

As an HR professional operating largely in UK manufacturing for over 20 years I have clocked up a vast amount of experience in the field of redundancy management.  I have had people responsibility for several site closures, whole business restructuring to factor in new capabilities and have managed many senior leaders out of businesses, including even my own CEO.  It would be macabre to suggest I take pleasure in this, but what I do pride myself with is that if tough decisions have to be made, then the people affected are treated as individuals, with respect and with support to move on to pastures new.  In all of these situations, I have parted with people on good terms, with a genuine handshake and mutual respect in tact.


For the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to use this experience in a very tangible and constructive way by providing meaningful and bespoke outplacement support and career transition coaching to companies and their employees also going through redundancy and restructuring.


In Newleaf we enable individuals facing redundancy to come to terms with this stressful situation (it’s up there as 1 of 5 of life’s most stressful events).  We support them in exploring what they really want to do next and then offer them honest and pragmatic support to find this new role.


So why should companies, already potentially facing financial hardship, bother to fund this support for their departing employees?  Well – here are 6 good reasons.


  1. It’s morally the right thing to do – if you were facing redundancy (and maybe you have) – how much better would you feel knowing you had a source of confidential and pragmatic support to take you to the next phase of your career? Treat others as you would expect to be treated.
  2. Ensures good performance until the end – By reassuring staff and providing early access to support, you are much more likely to maintain good performance and commitment until the day they leave.
  3. Creates a constructive consultative focus if you are consulting with Trade Unions or a consultative forum, engaging them to define and subsequently encourage employees to use outplacement support can give the consultative body a really constructive focus.
  4. Helps to retain your survivors – you will have thought carefully about who you need to retain in your business as well as who will be leaving. Your survivors will be watching you carefully.  If you do not treat your leavers with respect, your survivors are likely to also start job hunting and you may not be able to retain them in the long term.
  5. Protects your company brand – employers of choice are unlikely to make people redundant without offering some form of outplacement support. How do you want to be seen by your customers and employees?
  6. It doesn’t cost the earth – in Newleaf we are really proud of the flexible way in which we provide outplacement services, so don’t assume you can’t afford it. The costs of not doing so can be so much greater.

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