4 Steps to career change success: #Perform

4 Steps to career change success: #Perform

In the final blog in our series highlighting what you need to consider when changing your role or career, we look at what you need to do when you receive new job offers, negotiate a package that suits you and make a lasting impression in your new position.

In the previous blog we looked at how to build a personal brand and how you will be found by potential recruiters, looking beyond a well-crafted CV and into the multiple social media channels that support your professional profile.

This final stage, perform, is another exciting phase for those we support to change roles and find career success. At this point we have worked through the previous stages – coming to terms with redundancy or leaving your role, exploring new options and shaping your brand and seeking offers – and the people we support are now getting new job offers and making career decisions.

At this point, we’ve supported clients to make sure they can secure two or three good offers. However, this is the time that needs the most careful consideration and our role is to help people work through the thought process as they decide which direction to take.

We work with people to look back at Explore to understand what their ideal role would be. Together, we consider the best fit from the offers received and also look at what the compromises will be. This can be challenging as the temptation is often to go for the best-looking job and there is a danger that you don’t properly consider the compromises or the potential consequences.

For example, in the early stages of the process one of our clients had established what his ideal job looked like but had also decided he wanted to remain near home and his family. He got an offer for his ideal job, but it required that he worked away from home. Obviously, he was excited, but we reviewed what he’d said earlier in the process. He sat in silence for six minutes while he considered this.  He wrestled internally and realised he had to turn this ideal job down. The result was that he got an even better offer shortly after which was more suited to him and allowed him to remain at home.

By going through this process, we help people to determine which job they should accept based on the criteria they have already created for themselves.

Once a decision has been made on which job to accept, we provide support through the negotiation process, using our experience and expertise to thrash out the most appropriate package.

When they have negotiated and agreed a package, we then work with the client to map out a plan for the first 3 months to make sure they deliver in their role. This is all about first impressions, building relationships with key stakeholders and making sure they perform in their ideal role.

In any new role, the people around you form quick impressions and we help them to make the best possible impact in that induction period. Career change success is all about understanding what you need, what an ideal job looks like, how to secure it and then, most importantly, performing well and thriving in your new role as you look to a happier and more prosperous future.

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